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Natural Earth Red Quinoa


Natural Earth wishes to advise consumers that there have been reports of infestation in bags of Natural Earth Red Quinoa with expiration code 12-20-20, lot code 154. This infestation seems to have bee

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Sparta Gourmet Brand Kalamata Olives


Please be aware that Sparta Gourmet brand kalamata olives, produced in Greece, and distributed by Vordonia Enterprises, New York, bear an unauthorized STAR-K. The STAR-K does not certify this product.

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H-E-B Brand Extra Strength Gas Relief Softgels


H-E-B brand Extra Strength Gas Relief softgels distributed in H-E-B supermarkets in Texas, bears an unauthorized STAR-K.The product contains gelatin and is not Kosher. Corrective action is being taken

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Baltimore Filicori Zecchini Locations No Longer Kosher


Please note that, effective Wednesday, November 29th, 2017, Filicori Zecchini Cafes located in Towson Town Center, and on Pratt Street in Baltimore, will no longer be Kosher certified. The company has

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Arumai Brand Spice Mix


Arumai brand Spice Mixes, distributed by Babco Foods International, Piscataway, NJ, bear an unauthorized STAR-K symbol. These products are not certified by STAR-K. Some products, including Pulav Masal

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Swiig Brand GET FLEXIBLE Dietary Supplement


Please note that Swiig Brand GET FLEXIBLE Dietary Supplement, distributed by Simple Again of Pottstown, PA, bears an unauthorized STAR-K symbol on labels displayed on some internet based retailer webs

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Dunkin' Donuts Frozen Coffee


Please note the following update for the two Dunkin' Donuts stores under Rabbi Salfer's certification located at 7000 Reisterstown Road and 1508 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD: A new item, FROZEN CO

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A listing in the most recent KASHRUS KURRENTS incorrectly identified Café K Coney Island as a STAR-D establishment. In fact, all Café K locations are under STAR-K, Cholov Yisroel certification. We r

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Appliance Light Bulbs


Please note for all STAR-K certified Sabbath Mode appliances, we strongly advise you not to replace the incandescent bulb that came with your appliance (refrigerator, oven) with the newer LED bulbs. T

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Cape Gourmet Signature Seafood Brand Frozen Fish Fillets


Please note that CAPE GOURMET SIGNATURE SEAFOOD brand frozen NORWEGIAN ATLANTIC SALMON and NORWEGIAN COD PORTIONS, packed for United Seafood Enterprises, sold in ShopRite stores, bears an unauthorized

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