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Search for kosher products by term `` results 92261 kosher products. The most relevant product is Cecil Fruit Cocktail - Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit, and Pineapple, Organic CBL Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd with status Pareve. Information is obtained from Star-K. Notes: Conditions: Certified, Certification ends: 2/29/2024, PassoverSymbol: N/A

Kosher Alerts

Zeh Arak


Please note that Zeh Arak of Brooklyn, NY, producers of flavored arak, is not currently certified by STAR-K, and has not been under STAR-K certification since April 2021.

Information from Star-K

Aldi's Lunch Buddies Mandarin Oranges


Please be aware that Lunch Buddies brand mandarin oranges in plastic cups, sold at Aldi's, bear an unauthorized STAR-K. This product contains grape juice of unknown origin and should not be used. Corr

Information from Star-K

Omena Organics Frozen Broccoli


Packages of frozen organic broccoli, distributed by Omena Organics of Omena, MI, bear an unauthorized STAR-K symbol. Product was found in Midwest markets, including Whole Foods. Corrective action is b

Information from Star-K

Aldi's Lunch Buddies Fruit Cups [Updated Alert]


Aldi's Lunch Buddies fruit cups in grape juice (including Yellow Cling Diced Peaches, Diced Pears, and Mandarin Oranges) bear an unauthorized STAR-K. These products are being recalled.

Information from Star-K

Metamucil Products


Consumers are advised that Metamucil has a product on the market that contains collagen, which is a non-kosher ingredient. This product, Metamucil Fiber + Collagen Peptides, is NOT APPROVED for use. C

Information from Star-K

Moo Moo Cows


Please be advised that Moo Moo Cows, located in Federal Hill at 926 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, is not and has never been certified by STAR-D Kosher Dairy Certification. Corrective action is be

Information from Star-K

B&G Gherkins Update & Quinoa Reminder


We have identified an additional lot of B&G Gherkins found to contain insect infestation. The lot codes are printed on the side of the lid. Affected lots are: #25021 - Best By Feb 25 2023 #09031 - Bes

Information from Star-K

Kosher Stand at Oriole Park


Please note that effective immediately, the STAR-K certification has been terminated from the kosher stand at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, MD.

Information from Star-K

Delivery Services


Consumers are reminded that all orders from kosher establishments delivered by third-party delivery services must be sealed with kosher markings in order to be accepted. Orders delivered without any v

Information from Star-K

Brown Rice Checking Reminder


There are reports in a number of cities that infestation is being found in brown rice. Consumers are reminded that STAR-K always recommends checking brown rice for insects prior to use, regardless of

Information from Star-K
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