B&G Gherkins Update & Quinoa Reminder

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We have identified an additional lot of B&G Gherkins found to contain insect infestation. The lot codes are printed on the side of the lid. Affected lots are: #25021 - Best By Feb 25 2023 #09031 - Best By Mar 09 2023 #24861 - Best By Jun 24 2023 #25061 - Best By Jun 25 2023 - NEWLY IDENTIFIED These lots should not be used. We have implemented additional oversight systems and procedures for the new harvest season. In the meantime, consumers of other lots currently on the market are advised to slice open each gherkin to check for possible infestation. QUINOA REMINDER: STAR-K recommends that ALL quinoa be checked prior to usage, even when there is a hechsher on the package. Infestation issues arise from improper storage, which is beyond the control of any hashgacha. Most recently, Ancient Harvest - Best by 06 29 23 - was found in the NY/NJ area to be highly infested.