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Oligarch Catering


Effective September 1, 2020, Oligarch Catering, located at 86-13 Lefferts Blvd. Richmond Hill, NY, is no longer certified by STAR-K Kosher Certification.

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Spice King Seasoning


Spice King brand Grilled Steak & Burger Seasoning distributed by Keith Lorren Spice bears an unauthorized STAR-K symbol. Ingredient panel lists “beef fat.” This product is not certified by STAR-K.

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Tenli Brand Gummy and Candy Products


Tenli brand gummy and candy products distributed by Classic Confections and Vidal bear an unauthorized STAR-K symbol. These products are not certified by STAR-K.

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CVS Dairy Relief Softgels


Please note that CVS brand Dairy Relief Lactase Enzyme softgels bear an unauthorized STAR-K. The product is not Kosher. Corrective action is being taken. STAR-K continues to certify CVS brand Dairy Re

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Rita's of Coney Island


UPDATE: Due to popular demand, Rita's of Coney Island, located at 1327 Surf Ave., Brooklyn, NY, near the boardwalk, has renewed its Kosher certification and is certified STAR-D Kosher. Please note tha

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Oneg Shabbos Gourmet Butcher


Oneg Shabbos Gourmet Butcher, located at 164-08 69th Avenue, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365, is using an unauthorized STAR-K symbol in their advertisements. Oneg Shabbos Gourmet Butcher is NOT CERTIFIED by t

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It has come to our attention that GE mistakenly removed a critical piece of information from some STAR-K certified oven manuals. In the following GE, Hotpoint and Crosley models, Sabbath Mode does NOT

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Jonathan Lord Bakery


Please be advised that Jonathan Lord Bakery, Bohemia, NY, is no longer certified by STAR-D certification.

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KitchenAid Refrigerators


PLEASE NOTE: In certain models of KitchenAid refrigerators with a STAR-K certified Sabbath Mode, after a power failure, the refrigerator recovers, but is not in Sabbath Mode. Even if the display reads

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Flavosource Foodstuffs Company Terminated


Please be advised that Flavosource Foodstuffs, Guangdong, China, a soy sauce manufacturer, has been terminated due to Kashrus violations. Their product is sold to food manufacturers in large totes. Fo

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