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Search for kosher products by term `` results 1 kosher products. The most relevant product is Fruit Juice- various products General with status Kosher. Information is obtained from Kosher Kiwi. Notes: • There are a number of fruit juices that due to new labelling laws now list Flavours as an ingredient. The Kashrut Authority is of the view that these flavours do not pose a Kashrut problem. • All brands of ‘Pure Fruit Juice’ (not ‘Fruit Juice Drink’) are acceptable EXCEPT those containing GRAPE JUICE, GRAPE JUICE FLAVOUR or NATURAL COLOUR 120 (Cochineal) or 163 (anthocyanin - although some authorities permit anthocyanin). • There are a number of pure fruit juices & especially TROPICAL JUICE blends that contain GRAPE JUICE OR GRAPE JUICE FLAVOURS. These are NOT KOSHER. Please read the product label carefully. • Some Calcium enriched fruit juices contain WHEY powder. Please check ingredient listing and if whey is listed as an ingredient then those juices must be treated as DAIRY (Not Chalav Yisrael). • Juices that contain OMEGA-3 OILS should not be used as they may contain non-kosher fish oils. • All TOMATO JUICE must be labelled “Product of Australia” or “Made in Australia”. “Packed for Australia” is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Use only products listed. • CHILLED FRESH JUICES (in the Chiller section of supermarkets) are ACCEPTABLE, providing they do not contain any of the additives listed above.