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Jan. 21 2021 / 8 Shvat 5781 RABBI DESMOND MAIZELS Z”TL On Erev Shabbos, Parshas VaEira, the world woke up to shocking news, the passing of a huge icon in the world of Kashrus, Rabbi Desmond Maizels,

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Radouga Distilleries


The MK proudly certifies Radouga Distilleries as an important part of its kosher family! Proudly hailing from Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan, Radouga’s spirits combine quality, local-sourced water with S

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‘Brad’s Plant Based’ Foods: Snacking With Purpose


At Brad’s Plant Based, passion and purpose are at the heart of everything the company strives to deliver. The CEO of Brad’s Plant Based, Arthur Pergament, discovered his passion to bring plant-bas

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6 Questions for Rabbi Mani Dienna, Kosher Inspector at MK


What led you to become a Kosher inspector ? This is a very interesting question. I probably came to Kosher supervision from a different perspective and background than most Mashgichim (Kosher supervis

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Pizza Pita Prime


One of Jewish Montreal’s icons, Pizza Pita moved locations a few months ago and are now located at 5345 Vezina. It was an upheaval for Tzvi and Chaim Shpiegelman and even more so for their devoted c

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This store is a slice of heaven for meat- lovers. Prime cuts of meat, savoury sausages, perfectly-roasted chickens, savoury deli meats, rich pâtés – you name it, Mike the Butcher’s got it! While

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