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Is product latte kosher? Found 338 kosher products

Search for kosher products by term `latte` results 338 kosher products. The most relevant product is Latte dulce de leche, Latte Moca, Latte avellana Yolas with status Leche Común. Information is obtained from Ajdut Kosher. Notes:



Balconi: choco & latte; choco dessert; choco orange; cocco mix max; lemon cake;mini roll al cioccolato; mini roll all’albicocca; mini rolls alla fragola; mini tiramisù;roll alla frutta; roll alla nocciola; mix max; mix milk; roll al cacao; rollino al cacao; rollino al latte; rollino alla nocciola; snack al latte;sweet roll al cacao; sweet roll alla frutta; sweet roll al cappuccino; torta paradiso;trancetto al cacao; trancetto all’albicocca; trancetto alllo yogurt e fragola; viennese; yo

Information from Italy Kosher List