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Kosher information for category `CHEWING GUM` in Africa.

In Africa there are 2 organizations, certifying kosher products. We found 1 kosher products. Checkout the following list in order to get the most comprehensive information about kosher products in Africa. Search by product name, brand, category - just type in keywords and press `Go!` button.

Note: If you don't see information, it does not mean it is not kosher automatically - it might just not to be included in our database for some reason.

Is product kosher in Africa? Found 1 kosher products

Search for kosher products by term `` in Africa results 1 kosher products. The most relevant product is ORBIT / AIRWAVES / HUBBA BUBBA / 5 / EXTRA MARS WRIGLEY with status Parev. Information is obtained from South Africa Kosher. Notes: Kosher certified by KF under of the following conditions, either: 1) IF IT BEARS THE KF LOGO ON THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING OR 2) IF PRODUCT LABEL CLEARLY STATES THAT IT IS PRODUCED IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING FACTORIES: POZNAN POLAND / BEISHEM FRANCE / PLYMOUTH UK OR 3) IF IT CARRIES A CODE THAT BEGINS WITH 01 OR 50, OR CONTAINS 1FK

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