Kosher Alerts



As indicated on the product label, Twinlab Triple Action Oral Health Dots™ (tablets) contain a dairy ingredient. The product was inadvertently labeled Star-K. Future labels will bear a Star-D Dairy

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GE Ovens & Ranges 2ND ALERT Temporary Fix


For those consumers who had unexpected GE oven shutdowns over the last two holidays, here is a workaround to avoid this problem: Enter Sabbath Mode as usual; wait for one bracket to appear on the scre

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Phytolab Brand Herbal Products


Phytolab brand herbal products, distributed by Natalia Import, LLC, of Brooklyn, NY, bear an unauthorized Star-K symbol. The company is not Star-K certified. Corrective action is being taken.  

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Before purchasing a Gaggenau refrigerator outside of the USA please check with the Star-K office 410.484.4110.  

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Produce from Israel


Please be aware that fruits and vegetables from Israel are being sold in the Baltimore area and across the U.S. For example, we have reports that bell peppers at Shoppers and Whole Foods in Baltimore,

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Clearly Kombucha Classic Grape Probiotic Elixir


Packages of Clearly Kombucha Classic Grape Probiotic Elixir bear an unauthorized Star-K symbol. Corrective action is being taken. Other flavors of Clearly Kombucha bearing STAR-K are authorized.

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Stewart Candy


Packages of Soft Candy Balls - Sassy Mints Candy distributed by Stewart Candy of Waycross, GA, bear an unauthorized Star-K symbol.

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Seven Mile Market Macaroni Salad


Several containers of Seven Mile Market Garden Macaroni Salad, sold in Seven Mile Market, Baltimore, Maryland, bearing a Star-K Pareve label, mistakenly contain a Kosher, Dairy, Non-Cholov Yisroel ing

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Soylent 1.4


Due to product reformulation, Soylent 1.4, a dietary supplement, manufactured by Rosa Labs, Los Angeles, CA, is no longer certified by Star-K. Previous versions of the Soylent product remain certified

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Ellee's Granola


Ellee's Granola Company, Doral, FL, maker of Ellee's cookies and granolas, is no longer under Star-D certification. All products bearing date codes beyond March 10, 2015, are to be considered not cert

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Hill's Prescription Diet Pet Food Passover status


Some varieties of Hill's Prescription Diet Pet Foods have been reformulated and now contain chometz, although they are listed in the Star-K Passover Guide. The folllowing cat and dog foods may contain

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Carrots from Israel


Please be aware that carrots from Israel are being sold in the Baltimore area and across the U.S. The packages state "Product of Israel." These carrots may have Kedushas Shviis and require special car

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Bagged Lettuce


Please note that due to current insect infestation brought about by the changing seasons, many of the Star-K bagged lettuces that normally bear the Star-K symbol are not currently passing our mashgiac

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Bell Bakery


Brooklyn Pizza Dough produced by Bell Bakery is no longer Star-K certified, even when bearing the Star-K.

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Shemitta: Carrots & Peppers from Israel in Neighborhood Stores


Please be aware that carrots (including Dorot Farms brand), peppers, and other vegetables from Israel are consistently being sold in the Baltimore area at produce markets in our neighborhood, which ar

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Pineland Farms Potato Company in Neighborhood Stores


Pineland Farms Potato Company, Mars Hill, ME, is no longer under Star-K certification. All products still bearing the Star-K symbol are certified.

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Luna Brand Stuffed Olives with Bleu or Provolone Cheese


Jars of Luna brand Hand Stuffed Olives with Bleu Cheese, and jars of Luna brand Hand Stuffed Olives with Provolone Cheese, bear an unauthorized Star-K. These products are not Kosher, and are being rec

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Palermo Brand Pasta Sauces


Jars of Palermo brand Pasta Sauces, distributed by Cosmopolitan Food Group, bear an unauthorized Star-K. The sauces include Tomato & Basil Gourmet Pasta Sauce, Arrabbiata Gourmet Pasta Sauce, and Napo

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Bruce's Candied Yams


Some cans of Bruce's Candied Yams, in Kettle Simmered Syrup, distributed in Walmart and other supermarkets, bear an unauthorized Star-K symbol. The formulation was changed and includes dairy ingredien

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